Should Parole Be Abolished?

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For many years this topic has been back and forth whether it is a good thing. The topic about whether or not parole should in place has also became a very controversial topic. The debate is usually fifty-fifty on whether it is a good idea or not a good idea. Many people believe in the idea of allowing someone to have a second chance and for them to be able to show that people do change if given an opportunity to show it. While others believe that no matter how many chances you give someone they will still do what they want and keep breaking the rules. I would say I am on the side of those who believe parole should not exist and that the criminal should serve their full sentence not just a percentage of their sentence. Many innocent people…show more content…
They have to fill out and sign an application the happens to be furnished by a case manager. If the criminal does not complete the application then the offender is provided the waiver to the application. After that, the caseworker the will notify the criminal when his parole hearing is to take place. The parole hearing is an opportunity for the criminal to present their case and why they think they should be able to receive parole. The commission determines if the person is eligible for parole according to the type of sentence the criminal recieve when he was convicted. The earliest time the criminal can be parole is called the parole eligibility date. If the criminal is granted parole they must wait to be released until on or after the parole eligibility date (Frequently Asked Questions). If granted parole the parolee will then be recieve back into the community. Only 15 states do not use the parole system today while the rest of the 35 states do. The first state to use the parole system was New York. “In 1910 Congress established the U.S. Parole Commission and gave it the responsibility of evaluating and setting the release dates for federal prisoners”( Parole). Also those of a very serious crime must complete eighty-five percent of their original sentence before they can be released from prison and sent back into the real world. There have been several cases where those on parole
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