Should Partial Credit Be Awarded On Math Test Summary

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In the article Should Partial Credit Be Awarded on Math Tests, the author Lynne speaks about the debate between students getting partial credit on tests or not at all. In math, like any subject, some teachers may give partial credit. Partial credit should be reward because it helps us know that the teacher knows that we know what we are doing. To any student, partial credit helps understanding what they are doing right and wrong. But to teachers, it is either you give partial credit or you do not. Now this is the debate: should partial credit be awarded on math tests? Should partial credit be given to everyone? Should partial credit be given on everything? First I am going to cover the negative approach on the debate in the article.…show more content…
In the article the author has such a great way at looking at the partial credit debate. The author has a response to Brian Boley’s statement: “We are talking about giving credit to the student who made a careless error but who clearly understood what they were doing.” Then answers his question about the bridge: “Remember, we are not building a bridge, if we were, we wouldn't have a new student learning something for the first time doing the math for it - that is not how the real world works - school is a time for learning (Gregorio).” This proves that she does understand that students do mess up. Also, that if teachers gave partial credit, it would be to a small error. Not doing everything wrong. Because it’s not fair that a student who does the question right, gets the same score as someone who didn’t even get the right answer. But, the student who got it wrong should get his problem looked at to see if he approached the question right, but made a careless answer. I’m not saying they should make a 100% on a paper if they worked it wrong but have the knowledge if its right. They should get partial credit if they started the problem right but made a simple calculation error. The teacher should also have limits on what he or she gives credit on. Giving partial credit on everything is going to take too much time grading, causing the teacher to get behind. The partial credit should be given on certain assignments or
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