Should People Abandon Traditional Marketing

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Should people abandon traditional marketing in favor of online advertisement? The human brain is a remarkable organ. The brain is considered to be the all knowing ruler of one’s body and rightfully so. The list of duties a brain does on a daily basis includes dictating one’s vision, their bowel movements, and most importantly, personality. Think of a person’s personality as being a mixture of experiences. The moments that you can remember are the building blocks of your identity in which you base future decisions off of. This is where the scammers pop in to say hello to you and sayonara to your money. The purpose of an advertisement is to get you information. The information can be anything ranging from sales/discounts to new locations…show more content…
Should they? Yes they should because it’s fast, cheap, and consistent. It embodies all things that advertisements have contained since their inception. The first known advertisement was an ad seeking potential buyers for an estate in 1704. It ran in the Boston News-Letter for a short while and then stopped. 25 years later, Benjamin Franklin created the Pennsylvania Gazette, a local newspaper that featured a page strictly for advertisements in the area. The Gazette was ultimately a failure in terms of marketing power but it did lay out the ground work for the eventual success of the Pennsylvania Packet & Daily Advertiser. Pennsylvania Packet & Daily Advertiser wasn’t the largest or most successful news group but what it did was it set the basis for how all future advertisers would present their products. Magazines, newspapers, billboards, word of mouth, and radio/televison broadcasts are all generally thought of as traditional marketing. Those forms of marketing are referred to such in our modern time because there was really no other way to sell something to a consumer. However no matter what time period you look at it from, advertisers have been able to categorize the three main angles to approach a customer when selling to them. Clever marketers knew that to stay ahead in the game, they needed to focus on selling the idea of success, give off the illusion of disaster
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