Should People Believe in Global Warming?

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It is very easy to get the information from the media in this current society, but it is difficult to distinguish that whether it is right or wrong. There are many different perspectives and thoughts on the same issue, such as global warming. To choose which argument is true is up to the people. These days, many people take on a very serious subject, global warming, and they argue whether it is worth to worry about future or not. While many people consume an excess of energy that produces carbon dioxide, the issue of global warming becomes more critical. Since global warming is a severe problem in the world, Bill McKibben wrote the article about the climate change, “The Reckoning.” He tells that people need to care the three important…show more content…
Also, in the beginning of the journal, it says, “The following has been signed by the sixteen scientists listed at the end of the article” (61). This note is not trustful because there are only sixteen scientists out of more than millions of scientists. Sixteen scientists are not enough to get a confirmation of this essay. Also, it does not tell what type of scientists joined; there are many different types of scientists. For example, entomology is not an expert on the climate change. It even has fewer quotes than other article has. It is hard to believe just the content of this essay have. Because this journal does not have enough informative evidences to support its thesis and argument, it is less convincing essay. The more convincing article has not only good appropriate examples, but also has a remarkable closing in the conclusion. McKibben uses appropriate information at the end of the essay to leave an aftertaste. He tells the readers who the real enemy is by showing the chart, “Who Owns the Carbon,” that shows ten biggest fossil fuel companies and how many Gigatons they own. Below the title of the chart, it says, “Here are the 10 biggest polluters” (43). Those polluters do not care of the potential environmental hazard due to their possession of carbon, and they are the real enemy. It tells that they consume too much amount of carbon to sell for gaining the profit. They
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