Should People Get Vaccination

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Should you get the vaccination? Have you heard of the measles outbreaks at Disneyland during 2015? The CDC reported “After an uncharacteristically high number of measles outbreaks in late 2014, the highly publicized California measles outbreak hit the media early this year. Linked to Disneyland Resort Theme Parks in California the outbreak quickly became a multi-state public health incident that resulted in a total of 147 cases.” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)This outbreak happened because most of the people who got measles were unvaccinated. The most common questions people usually would ask before they got vaccination: why do the vaccines important? Can vaccines one-hundred percent protect everyone? In my opinion, people should get vaccinations because vaccines can prevent many diseases, it could protect the herd immunity from the individual diseases also it could protect the people who can’t get the vaccination, and vaccines were important for children or young adults.
First, we need to learn some history backgrounds about vaccination, about
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“Hundred of millions of Americans have safely received flu vaccines over the past 50 years, and there has been extensive research supporting the safety of seasonal flu vaccines.” (Center of Disease Control) If you were allergic to vaccines, before the vaccination you need to tell your doctor about any health problem you have or what medicines are allergic for you, so it can cause less side effect on vaccines. For instance, “seasonal flu vaccine changes frequently, through one or more of the flu strains in the vaccine may be retained from one year to next.” (CDC Vaccines) Right now, a lot of health orgainzation take vaccination very serious. About 350 organization resated the safety of vaccines and they send more than 40 letter to President Trump to show the respected studies that the vaccines is safe for
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