Should People Underage The 21 Drink? No

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Should people underage the 21 drink ? No,the effects on the body are horrible ., say that some long terms effects of underage drinking include brain damage psychologica, dependent on alcohol,memory and learning problems . And besides that there 's a law that says you have to be at least 21 to drink . First there are the horrible physical affects of “Alcohol is a drug like any other and our body immediately goes to work trying to detoxify it .But when the liver can 't keep up the toxins start to build up and we feel alcohol 's effects at first giddiness and disinhibition which result ar what many consider to be the relaxing side effects of the drug but under age drunkenness are not looking for this effects,they are generally binge drinkers”.Nothing like having even more problems to deal with while having a slowed down mind with blurry vision . “In one common scenario during acute alcohol poisoning the drunk person vomits in an instinctive to get rid of the poison but the reflexes are too depressed to keep the airway clear so the person can choke to death on their own vomit . Now I have not choke on my own vomit but vomit doesn 't taste good . And to top it off “parts of the brain of a teen drinker can be up to 10% smaller than those according to the American Medical Association .I 'm no doctor but reduce brain size isn 't right . And

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