Should People Who Receive Government Assistance Undergo Drug Tests?

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Meth, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are among the top drugs that many people use and utilized as money making tactics. As we all know, drugs are found and they are heavily used in low income areas, not only do they pose a significant effect on one’s health but they pose a significant effect on our economy. Generally it is perceived that those who reside in low income areas are the ones who resort to drugs, evidently they are. Likewise, they are also the ones who are utilizing government assistance programs. Some of these programs include; health care, child care, ebt benefits, and even housing assistance programs. So the big question is “Should people who receive government assistance undergo drug tests?” Although the government may have their suspicions on testing individuals who they give assistance to, I feel that they shouldn’t drug test the individuals who are receiving assistance. Though, drug testing the individual seems as it would be a quaint idea, the cost of the tests are quite expensive. Rosenfeld discusses in his article that most drugs can leave a person’s system in about two to three days. On the contrary, it has become quite common today that most drugs that people utilize stay in a person’s systems for a few weeks to a few months (i.e. marijuana).While taking this thought into mind; it also shows how the drugs tests won’t be accurate if this happens. Simply because, many people will try to beat the test by attempting to cleanse their
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