Should People Work Less and Take More Time to Relax?

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Several years ago, futurists predicted that, as a result of developing technology and automation, people in the U.S. would have much more leisure than in the future. However,
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I had more important things to do than waste my time with watching T.V. The only consequence of this trend is having a better educated public.

The result of new technology and automation is new things for Americans to buy. Americans must work more to make more money so they can afford all that new technology. How many times have you heard the old adage time is money? To free up a lot of our time with modern conveniences such as computers and fax machines we have to pay for it. We need to work for the money so we can buy our own time. There are also many more luxury items on the market now that Americans didn’t even know they needed before they existed. Now one cannot live without their Sprint PC digital phone. Not only has technology made our lives easier, it has also given us reasons to work more.

The futurist was right when he predicted that technology would give us more free time, he was just wrong about what we would spend that time doing. He assumed leisure would be the thing most valuable to us, but the survey proves he’s wrong. I’m just speculating, but now maybe education is more important than fun. Or maybe modern conveniences like pagers & cell phones are more important than time spent lounging. All I know is that a harder working society can’t be that bad, we will be contributing more. Hard work never killed anybody, right?

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