Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Legal in Sports?

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Many athelete wants to do better and therefore, they use steroids. Performance of enhancing drugs should be legal because it helps to boost up energy which helps athelete to play for a long period of time without getting tired. Some may argue that taking steroids lower the muscles strength and increases blood pressure but, I disagree. Steroids helps to increse the bodys ability to utlize protein, it allows athlete to train harder and anabolic steroids are anti-inflammatories and have a effect on repairing injuries. It's not wrong to cheat, if you are cheating for a good reason. Many athelete take steroids in order to do better in the field. In the article What you really need to know about anabolic steriods states that, "Anabolic steroids allows athelete to train harder." Many people get tired after training for few hours but taking sterioids can help anyone to train for a long time without getting overtrained. If a person use anabolic steroids u will get stronger and will be able to compete harder. Some athelete even said if steriods was around during them, they could have done much better and maybe extend their career. Anabolic steroids can reduce fat, increase strength and it can also save lives. Athelete should be allowed to take performace of enhancing drugs. Steroids are not always bad for people. Some doctors even recomend steroids for people who are underweight and wants to gain…
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