Should Pets Be Beneficial?

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In a lot of families, there are not only parents and kids but also some special family members. They are pets. According to some historical researches, pets almost appeared with the human beings. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, fishes and even some dangerous animals like snakes are more and more popular being pets in some families today. Instead of being assistants of hunting, pets became much more important to people today. In my opinion, having pets is beneficial to people because it brings people more fun in daily life, it can improve the relationship of a family, it can help people to make more friends, and it also can help people to do more exercises. Having pets can bring more fun. Although animals are not as smart as human beings, most of them still have their own languages, behaviors and moods to show what they feel. People who have pets always believe that their pets can communicate with them by different ways. So taking care of pets brings a lot of special experiences witch are make people happy and optimistic. For example, when a puppy is taken back home, the lovely poor little thing begins to trust his host. The pet always wants to stay with his host. He can’t talk like a child but he try his best to let his host to pay attention to him. The puppy licks his host and shakes his tail all the time to show how much he love his host. When the host meet the lovely puppy after a crazy busy workday, he will be happy. It can be a different love from people. In most time,
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