Should Physician Assisted Suicide be Legalized?

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Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legalized? Should people have the right to kill themselves if they’re on the verge of dying? People are allowed to kill themselves in everyday life, so why can’t a person who knows that there is no way he will be able recover from his illness choose to end his life on his own terms? Many people don’t support and agree with assisted suicide. Even though many people don’t believe in physician assisted suicide, there are people suffering when they shouldn’t have too. A person who is terminally ill should have the right to choose to die if they choose. Being suicidal is just as much as a sickness as the flu. Both might need medicine to help get better as well as seeking professional help to take care of …show more content…
The government has many different positions about how they feel about assisted suicide. Many people are in favor of this measure, however many people disagree. The government has many laws in the world, but does not have the right to choose to make a life changing decision for someone. Lord Falconer of former Lord Chancellor, introduced a assisted dying bill. Government shouldn’t have any say if someone wants to take their own life. Norman Lamb said to the government that “We should not stand in the way of people who wish to end their life providing that regulation are put in place.” For instance a man named Tony Nicklinson was suffering from ‘locked-in’ syndrome which followed a stroke. Tony was told in 2012 by a judge that he couldn’t end his life with the help of a doctor. After the trial Nicklinson passed away six days later after refusing to eat food, said he had been condemned by the law to a life of increasing indignity and misery. No one should have sit there and suffer through pain each and every day, people should get to choose what they want to do with their own well being. Dr. Kevorkian is a very well known man who helped over a dozen of people with assisted suicide. He challenged social taboos about disease and dying while defying prosecutors as well as the courts. Dr. kevorkian has spent eight years in prison for second degree murder
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