Should Plastic Bags Be Banned In The United States?

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According to United Nations Environment Programme, there are approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in every square mile of the ocean! I strongly think that plastic bags should be banned in the whole entire United States. Not only would it encourage people to use reusable bags, it will save many animals, and will prevent toxins from entering into the air.
First of all, with a ban on plastic bags, it will encourage people to use reusable bags. Reusable bags has a benefit to not only you, but also the environment around us. Some shops charge people for plastic bags, but gives money to you when you shop with a reusable bag. This means that not only are you helping the environment, you are also saving a large amount of money. Also, you
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According to, all the plastic humans added up thrown away added up can circle the Earth four times. This is around 500 billion plastic bags, and most of them end up on landfill sites. The plastic bags in landfills usually lay there for over 300 years until they are completely photodegraded, or decomposed by the light, especially sunlight. During the process of being photodegraded, the plastic bags break down into small toxic particles that are either released into the air, or into the soil. These small toxic particles contaminate many different things such as soil and waterways. Since it is in the soil and waterways, animals often come and end up eating these dangerous toxic particles. Some supermarkets use biodegradable bags that are said to be “environment friendly,” but that is a total lie. According to an article about plastic bag pollution by Sharon Jacobsen, it says, “...the truth is that the process of breaking down these petrol based bags causes carbon to become methane which is a greenhouse gas.” Greenhouse gases are very dangerous to the environment since it causes temperature increase around the whole entire globe. Therefore, in conclusion, neither plastic bags or so-called “environment friendly” bags are good for the environment all around us, and we should not use them. Instead, we should use reusable…show more content…
According to Ocean Crusaders, there is over 100,000 marine animals that die each year because of plastic bags. “Beaked whale species in particular are highly susceptible to swallowing plastic bags as they are believed to strongly resemble their target prey, squid,” Britannica Advocacy for Animals states. Animals do not know what a plastic bag is, and often mistaken them for food. When an animal ingests a plastic bag, the plastic bag will be stuck in the gut for a very long time, sometimes more than 1000 years! Also, food would not be able to go through the intestines anymore and would probable cause the animal to die slowly. Since a plastic bag takes around 1000 years to completely decompose, it means that by the time the animal decomposes, the plastic bag is still not fully decomposed and will be back in the ocean, ready to kill another animal. As you can tell, plastic bags are very harmful to animals, especially marine animals. When plastic bags are banned, there is no chance of it going into the ocean, and many animals will be saved.
As you can see, banning plastic bags have many benefits for not only you, but also the environment. It will save animals, prevent toxins from entering into the air, and encourage people to use reusable bags. states, “Californians alone throw away 14 billion (plastic bags) a year, creating 123,000 tons of waste and untold amounts of litter.” So, please ban plastic
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