Should Players Being Suspended From Teams Over Disciplinary Actions? Essay

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Turn on the television and go to any sports channel that you choose to watch. You will hear about the negativity that comes with football. Players being suspended from teams over disciplinary actions. Whether you believe they did wrong or not, that is what is being covered by the media. The Sports channels forget to air the good things that people have done and the work they have accomplished. In A Football Life: Kurt Warner you learn about a man who never gave up, did not focus on the bad, and kept everyone 's emotions in check.
1)Kurt Warner was not out on the field to hear his name over the speakers after he made one of his unimaginable plays. Nor did he attempt to only get results on the field. He was not the one with pom poms dancing around. He was competent in what he was there to accomplish which was take the team to the next level. At times it may have seemed like he was a cheerleader leader; however, when it was his time to step up he would drop the cheerleading act and put on the war paint and take his team onto the field and lead. Kurt Warner would reside in the Competent Managers quadrant. This is shown first when he was just a scout team quarterback when he first started playing he would keep everyone 's spirits high. During the season Trent Green went down and Kurt had to come in to fill in. During his first game he came out and had a game of a lifetime throwing for over 300 yards. Marshall Falk said, “can you get something out of someone that

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