Should Prescribing Drugs Be Banned?

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While the reasons for prescribing drugs such as Ritalin and other many drugs to treat ADHD are numerous and valid, so are the complications that come along with misusing them by placing them on the wrong hands, specifically on non ADHD patients. As a result, ADHD drugs have been proven to be a double-edged weapon. Plenty of research confirms that drugs such as Ritalin do far more damage in a young adult who has not been prescribed with the drug than it does helping a patient cope with their attention deficit disorder. As a result, there has been an increase in visits to the doctor’s office among young adults who illegally obtain the drug to stimulate their mind as a form of recreation. In a recent article “Misuse of ADHD Drugs by Young Adults Drives Rise in ER Visits” a scenario where ADHD patients willingly hand their prescribed drugs to non ADHD individuals is described as an illicit and dangerous act. Something as simple as passing on drugs to someone who shouldn’t be consuming it in the first place, can potentially end a person’s life if taking the wrong dosages. The article primarily focuses on the misuse of consumption of two popular drugs to treat ADD and ADHD disorders. These two drugs are Ritalin and Adderall. The article seeks to inform about their findings on the potential damages these two can cause on non ADHD patients intake of the drugs. And most of their findings come from the most recent National Survey on Drug use and Health. The article points out that
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