Should Prison Be Punished For A Crime?

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Individuals are sent to prison be punished for a crime committed and to be kept away from society. While some criminals are violent sociopaths, and may never be rehabilitated, many criminals can be corrected and taught to improve themselves. A variety of programs are designed to help inmates learn from their mistakes and prepare for release. These programs require funding, and with an imperfect penal system, there are certain elements of prison which may exacerbate criminal behavior. Ideally, when individuals are sent to prison, they would learn how to improve themselves and better understand the consequences of their crime. Upon completion of their sentence, inmates would be ready to become productive members of society. Inmates who must serve life sentences would still find a sense of peace, even though they must remain in prison. Unfortunately, this perfect system of punishment and redemption does not exist. The amount of rehabilitation an inmate undergoes often depends on the prison in which they are incarcerated. While some prisons provide programs that help inmates improve, other prisons are brutal facilities designed solely to retain inmates and keep them away from society.
Prison can be a brutal atmosphere for many reasons. The shock of being incarcerated and knowing that one’s basic freedoms are obliterated can be psychologically jarring. Being in prison can wreak havoc on the psyche and many inmates may require some form of therapy to help them to…
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