Should Prison Offenders Be Allowed?

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Crime control has always been a topic of major discussion in the field of social sciences. Imprisonment is a well-known tool for controlling crime; it process involves deviant members of society being isolated in restricted areas and punished in accordance to the criminal justice system which is arguably one of the oldest institutions in western countries and has the basic but often complex function of serving and protecting the justice of each civilian and catching and punishing those who represent a threat to the society. In fact as evidence suggests the human race instincts do react and punish the ones who commit offences. When it comes to punishment there are three main reasons to punish which are retribution, incapacitation and deterrence (McGuire, 2004) however these reasons have different approaches and criticisms. Many argue that prison should ideally help to discourage members of society from committing crimes and also deter prison inmates from re-offending. This means using prison as a general deterrence, by using an individual criminal as an example to the rest of society. However, one could arise questions regarding this matter, questions such as; does the present prison system works to rehabilitate offenders or does it work to punish them? In fact it has been predominantly argued that the system actually fails to achieve either of these tasks. Is this due to the fact that the prison system is not being harsh enough and not giving the right support to
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