Should Prisoners Have Equal Health Care Rights?

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The medical ethical dilemma that I have concerns about as a future health care worker, is should prisoners have equal health care rights. Some people believe that when a person commits a crime, they waive their right to be treated in the same way as others. Some think that prisoners should not have equal health care rights because once a prisoner has committed a crime they should no longer have the same rights as the average person should. From multiple perspectives, people think that prisoners should not have the right to receive health care because citizens have to pay for healthcare, and they do not. Officials say that it is not right that the tax payer must pay for criminals to receive medical treatment. People that don’t think prisoners should receive health care feel that why should prisoners get a better health care than an average hard working citizen. Health care is given to prisoners for social reasons too. The majority of inmates will return to society within a few years and it is in society’s best interest that recently released prisoners be free of spreading diseases. Prisoners have a larger risk of health problems because in prison there are viruses going around daily, which could possibly be an effect towards someone else. I personally feel that prisoners should have equal health rights because, We are all human and should get treated the same way, even though the person has committed a crime does not necessarily means that they health should not
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