Should Prisons Be Effective?

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Most societies around the world, so far, have been picking retribution as the primary function of their prison system. If retribution is the only goal, then, prisons do work. However, if we evaluate whether prisons have been effective deterrents to crime, the evidence points to its failing. Numerous studies have shown that the threat of prison has little to no deterrent effect on first time offenders and even less of a deterrent effect on repeat offenders. So, the prison has little to no deterrent effect. (Wright, 2010) Rehabilitation has shown positive results concerning repeat offenders. When a person received rehabilitative treatment, designed for that person, the chances they will re-offend decrease. However, so few of the prisons offer the type of rehabilitation required to reduce re-incarceration rates. There aren 't enough workers to develop a plan for each inmate, and generic rehabilitation plans don 't always work. We use our prison system to exact justice on offenders. This creates a vicious cycle -- someone breaks the law and is sent to prison, because they do not get rehabilitative treatment, they re-offend when they get out of prison, and the cycle continues until the person gets a sentence that leaves them behind bars for a long period of time, or they commit a crime so heinous that they must spend the rest of their life in prison. According to those who maintain that prisons are there to mete out justice through incarceration, prison is the right consequence
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