Should Privacy Be Careful Of Who Is Watching Privacy? Essay

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Be Careful of who is Watching Privacy
Issues in Employment Monitoring
Employee monitoring has been on the rise since the boost for technology in the business world. Different Organizations engage in monitoring of employee’s to track performance and to avoid legal liability, protect business secrets and to address other concerns such as security. Certain monitoring practices are not upheld by employees because of the downfall it has on their satisfaction of privacy. Employers typically must not show some of their private monitoring duties while in the workplace, but how much monitoring they can do can become a huge issue when it’s invading natural privacy rights. There is a debate raging on whether it is moral, ethical and legal for employers to monitor the actions of their employees. Employer’s believe that monitoring is a sure thing because it encourages positive behavior and discourage illicit activity and to limit liability. Although, with this problem of monitoring of employees, many are experiencing a negative effect on emotional and physical stress including fatigue and lack of motivation within the workplace. Employers might choose to monitor employee’s activities using surveillance cameras, or may wish to record employee’s activities while using company owned computers or telephones. Courts are finding that disputes between workplace privacy and freedom are being complicated with the forward move in advance technology as traditional rules that govern areas of

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