Should Professional Athletes Be Allowed To Play After Committing a Crime?

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Crime is any act that violates the law. Many times professional athletes become involved in crime and it seems that they are above the law. The athlete’s notoriety makes it seem that professional athletes are committing crimes more than average people, whether they are felonies or misdemeanors. Should athletes be allowed back into their respective leagues after they commit such crimes? Many people believe that professional athletes are “above the law”. In reality, they are human beings like you and me who, no matter what the circumstances, can and will be charged like an average person. The offense of the crime can certainly come into play on whether or not a professional athlete who commits a crime should be allowed to play again.…show more content…
Tyson has been involved in others crimes also, which is why his presence of being aloud to box again was questioned. Every one of these athletes will or were given chances to participate in their respective sports again. Drugs are a part of everyday life. There are many professional athletes that have been charged with the offense of drug dealing or for holding a controlled substance. One athlete, Jamal Lewis, was charged with facilitating a drug deal over his cell phone (“Jamal Lewis enters plea in federal drug case” 2004), Lewis served his time in jail for 4 months and began his rehab to enter back into the NFL. Lewis said, "I made a mistake four years ago, when I was 20 years old, that I'm paying heavily for, which I have to suffer the consequences, which I'm willing to do", "But if nothing else, I hope that the kids that follow me and support me will choose their friends wisely and know what they have around them"(“Jamal Leis enters plea of federal drug case” 2004). Lewis clearly stated that he was a changed man and understood his consequences. Lewis was allowed back into the NFL. This decision to allow Lewis back into the NFL was proof of how society can oversee certain offenses on professional athletes. Another athlete that committed this offense was Travis Henry, who recently holds a contract with the Denver May 3 Broncos. Henry was sentenced

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