Should Prop 13 be Repealed

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Prop 13, should it be repeal or not?

California is known for Hollywood and its wonderful climate, where people meet celebraties and they can wear shorts in the middle of winter, but California is also know to be one of the few states that allow its citizens to vote for laws. Numerous laws are passed by Californians every year, some those laws deal with whether California should raise taxes or where the state need to spend their money and other matters that deal with California political system. Over the years, numerous laws that have been passed by Californians which have been conterversial and one of those laws is Propotion 13 of 1978.

Whats is Prop. 13? According to the article, Prop.13 in California, 35 Years Later, by Noah Glyn and Scott Drenkard and publish by The Tax Foundation, they mention "California voters passed Proposition 13, which cut property taxes down to 1 percent (for both homestead and commercial property) and limited the growth rate of future assessments to 2 percent. Once properties are sold, though, new assessments are conducted to value the properties at their market value"(paragraph one, June 06,2013), in order words, Prop. 13 was intended to lower taxes on home property and prevent any more taxes to be impose on Californians. Furthermore, they elaborate "requires taxes raised by local governments for a designated or special purpose to be approved by two-thirds of the voters,” and all tax increases to be passed by two-thirds of both houses of the
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