Should Prostitution Be Beneficial For Our Nation?

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Prostitution is one of the oldest occupations of all time. Brothels have always been around since ancient times. So this deviant act is nothing new in the world we live in today. Prostitution shouldn’t be deemed deviant. Prostitution is often said to be the oldest profession, and there is a lot of evidence that this is true. The earliest texts we have reference prostitutes, either sacred ones working for a temple or common street prostitutes. Throughout the Bible, prostitutes played greater or lesser roles in many stories, from Delilah to Mary Magdalene. Prostitution has been in existence for millennia, going back to the Byzantine, Roman, Greek, and Egyptian empires. (Goldman) Today, prostitution is predominately illegal with the exception of Nevada. However, it is legal in a handful of countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, France, and Germany (ChartsBin). The U.S. should follow the example of these countries and Nevada; the legalization of prostitution will be very beneficial for our nation. The three benefits of legalizing prostitution would be taxes on the service, it is safer for the people engaging in this service, and keeping it illegal wouldn’t stop people from doing it. The country would benefit from legalizing prostitution by taxing it. “In a period of history where we are witnessing numerous states on the verge of bankruptcy, perhaps a prostitution industry such as the one Nevada has would greatly benefit these states”

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