Should Prostitution Be Benefit Society?

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Legalizing Prostitution Will Benefit Society When many people hear the term prostitution they automatically have a negative thought in their heads. They see the violence, the drugs, and the manipulative things that are said and done to these people, all due to their pimps. What people fail to realize is there is a fine line between human trafficking and prostitution, many people get these two confused. Human trafficking is a different level of prostitution defined as the action of illegally transporting people from one area to another for sexual exploitation. Technically the definition of prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse for money. Nowhere in this definition did it involve it being forced by another…show more content…
There are many cases as to why people get into prostitution. One of the most common reasons women decide to become a sex worker is usually to help pay for schooling, or other financial debt. Here in California minimum wage is now about ten dollars an hour which is not nearly enough money to support oneself, let alone pay for college loans. In an AlterNet article Celine Bisette talks about how people let ignorance get the best of them as they assume her being a prostitute is a product of sexual abuse. Celine states,” The reality is that I had a happy childhood that was completely devoid of abuse of any kind. I grew up in a very ordinary middle class family. My parents cooked dinner for me every night, helped me with my homework, and told me they loved me every single day.” When people make judgements about why sex workers are doing what they are doing it puts these workers in an uncomfortable position, making them regretful and embarrassed about a job that they like doing.
Most people have the common misconception that prostitutes are miserable, and need to drown themselves in drugs just to get through a day’s work for cash, but this is not always the case. In a recent article, Sara Greenmore (who works at a legal brothel in Nevada) touches on this topic as she states, “The relationships I develop with my clients are genuine and I’m happy to see them leave basking in a glow, relaxed and relieved. Making people feel good about
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