Should Prostitution Be Legal?

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Governments in many western countries have tried to change their approach to prostitution management. The governments have attempted to amend laws to deal with the prostitution, but the process has met fierce controversy. In Canada, a role of criminal code in regulating or prohibiting prostitution has been the area of long-standing debate ( Lowman & John, 16). The controversial opinions over the prostitution issues have been evident in parliamentary reviews and court challenges launched in this country over the last three decades (Backhouse & Constance, 400). In 2013, restrictions had done on; publically speaking about prostitution and paying for the prostitutes. It resulted from the Supreme Court culminated decision to strike down some acts terming them as unconstitutional. The federal government had up to one year to come up with some amendment on prostitution law (Lowman, & John.17). Parliament worked on the bill by doing the international consultation to get a solution to the prostitution. The Canadian government is still wrestling the issue to strike a balance by preventing exploitation of the sex workers and health and safety concerns while eliminating the increase in criminal activities associated with communities where the prostitution is common (Backhouse& Constance, 420).

The prostitution has been the subject of controversial, with complex and convicting values, interests and issues. The street solicitation is one of most visible prostitution issue

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