Should Prostitution Be Legal?

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When the chance to pick an arguable topic arose I chose one that has been particularly sensitive within my own group of friends. The question is: Should prostitution be legal? My question is: Why shouldn’t it? By all means I respect the opinion that having sex for money is completely illegal in most states but what about stripping? Stripping is completely legal and paid for lap dances aren’t the only advancement allowed. Strippers are allowed to receive payment to have sexual encounters within the establishment and it is completely legal. Protection for working women should exist across the board, not just for the select few. An article in The Business Insider gives seven reasons on why prostitution should be legal in all fifty states of America. These reasons include: 1) It Would Reduce Violence Against Women. 2) Legalization Would Make Sex Workers Healthier. 3) Prostitution Is Arguably A Victimless Crime. 4) Legal Prostitution Can Be A Source Of Tax Revenue. 5) Legalization Could Save Precious Law Enforcement Resources. 6) Legal Prostitutes Could Get Labor Rights. 7) Prostitution Isn 't Going Away Anytime Soon. I personally would like to focus on just a few examples to better support the articles argument. With reason one “It Would Reduce Violence Against Women” is a simple and straight foreword example within itself. As of today women are the primary victims of assault upon regular encounters, but when a prostitute is involved it becomes slightly different. When a

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