Should Prostitution Be Legal?

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Prositution in the U.S

For my paper I chose the topic “Prostitution In the U.S” I picked this topic because I feel as if there’s a lot to discuss about the subject itself. Prostitution in my eyes, should be illegal in all parts of America. I feel as if the crime itself is degrading not only to women, but the families of those involved that choose to commit these acts. My personal opinion, going more into detail is that I grew up viewing sex as a sacred act between two people that love and care about eachother. Sex, in my opinion is something that should be private and should be with someone that you know, and that mostly, you trust. I feel as since “buying” sex actually became a
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If you as a woman, allow yourself to be tossed around sexually between men then you also, are going to reap what you sew. Prostitution has the power to spread many STI’s and many STD’s around America at an extremely high rate if legalized all across America and not just in the 11 counties of Nevada where it is legal. Prostitution is also another way for a man to be able to rape their victims without having to admit to themselves that it was in fact rape. Regardless if a woman is willing to have sex with a man for money does not change the fact that she doesn 't have a right to say “no” when intercourse it being discussed. When a woman puts herself in the position of being a prostitute she’s not the only one that’s being affected by it at all times. Women who prostitute themselves also can have children that are being affected by the crime as well. Children look up to their parents from a very young age and having to imagine A child seeing men in and out of their mothers bedrooms and or lives I feel would be a hard pill to swallow for a child at any age. Prostitutes often lose all rights to their child when the crime comes to the light and having your mother disappear from you at a very young age would be absolutely devastating, and even harder when you grew up and learned why. My last opinion on prostitution is that
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