Should Prostitution Be Legal?

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A majority of people believe prostitution should stay illegal, claiming that the legalization of prostitution will only make the chances of getting an STD even higher, an increase in rape rates, and will also add to the growth of human trafficking. Although this could be the case, there have been many studies that tell a different story. Currently, Nevada has allowed prostitution in 11 of its counties with much success. There can be many benefits from the legalization of prostitution in the states. Legalizing prostitution will show reduced crime rates, a reduction in diseases such as HIV and AIDS, and can bring so many economic benefits through taxing prostitution. First, the rate at which rape occurs has been estimated to drop around 25% if prostitution were to be legalized. This would be the case because of the availability there would be if prostitution was legal. No one would have to go to great lengths just to receive sexual pleasure. This leads to a decrease in crime and an increase of safety for prostitutes everywhere. Also, prostitutes are not committing any harmful acts against anyone at all, so there is much unnecessary hate towards prostitutes. For example, instead of antagonizing prostitutes for spreading diseases it would be better if there were regulations set to address these problems. Sending prostitutes to rehabilitation centers or therapeutic help instead of taking them to jail would be very beneficial for both parties. In California, it was estimated

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