Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

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To make a living in this country, individuals take up jobs that provides a service that society deems a necessary need, whether that profession be a doctor, teacher, engineer, labor worker, or prostitute. All of these jobs exist in the United States; however, all of them except prostitution is legal and are equipped with rights and rules (Nussbaum 669). The only law that exists concerning prostitution is the one that outlaws it. Its legislation is due to the nasty stigma people have towards it since it is believed to be against our common set of morals. However, the reality is that this job will not disappear with the constant flow of clients that demand this service. Thus, prostitution should be legalized so that the government can regulate the profession, which would allow the fabrication of laws to protect prostitutes and create a safe atmosphere for them to practice their profession. In turn, such a change in governing has the potential to finally eliminate the idea that it is degrading the modern-day world.
By definition, a prostitute is male or female who use their bodies to perform sexual acts in exchange for compensation, usually in the form of monetary currency. It is often considered one of the oldest profession since the beginning of time. Currently in the United States, there are thousands of women who are practicing this profession as a source of income, despite it being illegal in almost all 50 states. According to Jared R. Rayborn, a graduate of Willamette…

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