Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

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Prostitution is a topic with a lot of controversy. The reason is because it mixes with other themes such as feminism, violence against women, racism, poverty, gender, women’s inequality, trafficking of women, employment, and many more (Armstrong, 1990). Essentially, the topic of prostitution is so extensive and diverse that even until this day, the issue has caused uproar of concerns in all realms of society, in all nations. Yet, if a focus had to be drawn on this examination with prostitution in Canada, the issue of violence against women and sex as legitimate employment comes at a pragmatic realization (Kahn Hut, 1982). Hence, the debate arises if prostitution should be abolished or if prostitution should be decriminalized. Canada’s solicitation laws regarding prostitution are very neutral and the reason why they are in the courts being challenged on countless occasions (Armstrong, 1990). The arguments put forth is that prostitution law’s infringe the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which were created to protect every individual from gross infringements and violations on their civil liberties.
In Canada, the laws for prostitution are not transparent. This poses a problem to all realms of society especially in the Criminal Justice System. The laws are so ambiguous that even law enforcement and sex workers find it very puzzling. One could say that prostitution sex laws are both ‘quasi-legal’ and ‘quasi-criminal’, in other words, the law is enforced but not actively
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