Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

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Prostitution has been described as one of the oldest professions know to man. Although women inparticular have had the ability to sell their bodies in order to gain assets doing so has not only been frowned upon but illegal. Some find this option as a last resort. They have depleted resources and don’t know where else to turn. Many argue that morally prostitution is wrong and they may have merit in saying so. Despite this prostitution should be legalized not only because women should have the right to do what they want with their bodies but also in order to better protect the people who decide to pursue this practice. A concern that distresses a majority of people regarding prostitution is the “psychological damage” that can be caused by selling oneself. This argument is validated by the statistics produced by prostitutes. They are not only more likely to commit suicide(almost six times the normal rate of an average American)but are more likely to struggle with depression and insomnia. They also often reported that they felt guilt and remorse after selling sex. This is all pretty convincing evidence that prostitution does cause psychological issues but maybe the issues come from the stigma that is attached to prostitution and not prostitution itself. To explain this more accurately I would like to look at the homosexual population. In Moen’s article “Is prostitution harmful?” he goes into detail about the gay community and their psychological well being. Before

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