Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

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A persuasive essay on if prostitution should be criminalized or decriminalized.
The involvement of Prostitution comes from engaging enrolling in sexual activities with a another person for payment. The world is a dangerous place, sex work is a dangerous profession and people today have a right to be safe from harm and threats. Thousands of women in the present day are involved in prostitution and abuse is an everyday terror for them; about 82% of reported people say that they have been physically assaulted since entering the field of sex work. (Farley and Howard par. 3). There are many different views on whether the act of prostitution should be legalized or not and the debate has been a major topic for many years. Some people believe that sex work should be legalized because it could decrease the overall act incidence of prostitution, decrease the rate of sexually transmitted diseases as well as decrease the exploitation that comes with it. Although, others believe that the legalization will increase some things such as violence, the crime rate, STD’s, robbery and the risk of unwanted pregnancies. Prostitution should not be legalized because the rate of rape could easily increase, the rate of human trafficking could easily increase and the rate of STD’s could easily increase.
One reason why sex work should not be legalized is because the legalization could easily increase the rate that women are getting raped. “For women who are prostitutes, rape is every bit as traumatic

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