Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

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Legalization of Prostitution
Prostitutes are people of multiple backgrounds and of either gender who make the decision to participate in sex acts for profit in a business-like setting. I support the legalization of prostitution because I believe that legalized prostitution will be a benefit of society. Once legalized, prostitution can provide many benefits to the participants of the business. Prostitution can provide a benefit of the economy in most places, and provide safe business practices and environments for the business to take place. Overall, legalized prostitution can lead to a benefit of society as a whole.
Prostitution Defined
As a part of the legalization and support for prostitution, we need to clearly identify the definition of prostitution. The act of prostitution is defined as the willing participation in the use of sexual acts in exchange for compensation whether it was money or any other means of value gained from the use of the body of sexual pleasure. Prostitution is considered the world’s oldest profession that has been secretly practiced for centuries. Prostitution is not biased to gender or sexual orientation in any class. Prostitution is a multi-billion dollar industry that is very alive and visible according to law enforcement reports and arrest. Experts have determined that approximately 2 million prostitutes currently participate in the illegal sex industry for profit. Unfortunately, in the current state of illegal prostitution, people who

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