Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

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Prostitution has been one of the oldest professions of all time. So should it be legal? When it comes to the topic of prostitution, a lot of people will readily agree that it is “wrong” for moral reasons and or religious beliefs. People will also argue that prostitution is in the bible stating it is wrong, but not everyone has the same beliefs and others do not believe in God. Everyone has different opinions and mindsets towards it. Where this agreement usually ends, however is with the question, if Prostitution be legalized. Some are convinced that it should not be legalized because it is considered sexual harassment, rape, battering, domestic violence, a violatation of human rights, childhood sexual abuse and many other reasons. Whereas others maintain that it should be legalized for many reasons such as it will reduce violence against women, it will make sex workers healthier, it is also a victim less crime and they can be a source of tax revenue. Plus, believe it or not, prostitution is not going away anytime soon. I agree with prostitution being legalized. Some women are forced into prostitution, It will also regulate human trafficking and it will make the streets safer. Now-a-days there is debate on why prostitution should be legalized. It should be legalized and treated as if it were to be any other job. They can also give the workers access to social security and health benefits, and they would be able to also regulate their places and terms of employment.

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