Should Prostitution Be More Beneficial?

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Allie Godat
Jessica Perkins
Writing 1
November 13, 2015

In this essay, I will be giving my arguments on whether or not prostitution would be more beneficial to society and safer it wasn’t illegal. I will be giving you background information on the history of prostitution at the beginning of civilization, and how it came to be illegal in the United States. Next I will state the reasons why prostitution is currently criminalized, and why people think it should remain that way. I will then reply to those arguments while stating my own thoughts and arguments. Lastly, I will provide alternatives to the criminalization of prostitution since there are multiple ways prostitution can become safer without it all being illegal. Within that, I will give examples and evidence from countries today that use some of these alternatives. By definition, a prostitute is a person who has sex with someone in exchange for money. Prostitution is often referred to as “the oldest profession;” it has been around since the beginning of civilization (Carrasquillo). Some people believe that it even dates back to before mankind; evidence shows that primates have been seen offering sexual services in exchange for food or to avoid an attack. Even during the earliest years of civilization, it was a part of the everyday life of Mesopotamians, Greeks, and the Romans. In Ancient Rome, the sex trade was in high demand because it was needed to control the sexual activities of men so they
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