Should Prostitution be Legalized

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What is prostitution, prostitution means that it is an activity that a person receiving sexual favors for monetary payments. Considered by many as the oldest profession in the world it is still illegal in most countries.
Prostitution can be looked at from different points of view; it can be looked upon as a means to obtain sex without having the hassles of dating someone. Some issues could arise in relation to public health, legal issues, ethical, and moral issues if the legalization of prostitution is violating human rights. Some would argue that legal prostitution could cause public health, and safety issues.
Many believe that prostitution is considered violent to a specific gender and a total violation of human rights (Ekberg, 2004; Giobbe, Harrigan, Ryan & Gamache, 1990; Valor-Segura & Exposito, 2008). It is said that some women become prostitutes by trickery or coercion, but in reality most women knowingly practice the profession of prostitution because of the financial gain over many jobs in the modern day world. These women could also use prostitution as their line of work because they enjoy what they are doing.
The theory of Ambivalent Sexism, this theory states that sexism derived from two different aspects; both are similar. The first aspect is benevolent sexism. Benevolent sexism deals with the search for intimacy, or the lack of social…

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