Should Prostitution be Legalized?

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Prostitution, which is the act of engaging in sexual intercourse for money, has been part of human society since Biblical times. It had become a common part of our society because the women that choose to take part in prostitution are often on the brink of bankruptcy or already are and need a way to provide for themselves and/or their families. They have few to no laws in place to protect them. This leads to the question of whether prostitution should be legalized or whether it should be kept as a common, but illegal occurrence. There are many reasons it is better for prostitution to be legalized. Prostitution has been not just recognized, but referenced for hundreds of years. It has even been referred to in the Bible not just once, but…show more content…
An additional reason prostitution should be legalized is that it could help keep women off the streets and away from the dangers that come from being involved in this type of situation. Women are at risk for drug abuse, domestic abuse from their ‘employers,’ kidnapping and being sold into human trafficking rings or into sex slavery. One example of human trafficking is Shyima Hall, an Egyptian woman now twenty-four, who was sold into slavery by her parents when she was eight years old. She was with the family for four years where she was forced to take care of the couple’s four children and was constantly abused and malnourished. She was finally freed in 2002 after an anonymous tip sent child services to the couple’s Southern California home. She has since written a book about her story and speaks out about human trafficking and child slavery. Through all of this she has refused to reconnect with her family back in Egypt. This is just one of the many stories that are reality for many children and young adults’ day in and days out, many of which aren’t as lucky as Shyima and will most likely continue to live this way for the rest of their lives. Along with laws to protect against these dangers it could also protect young girls that find their way into prostitution to help provide for their siblings if their parents either can’t or won’t provide for them. This could put measures in place to keep these girls, who are still minors, out of harm’s way.

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