Should Public Access For The Internet?

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Ask about any American teenager what their hobbies are, and chances are many will say, “listening to music”. Music is more accessible than ever in 2016, thanks to technology, computers, and the constantly growing use of the Internet. Just about every industry has been affected by these elements, and the music industry is no exception. Advances in technologies have had, without a doubt, a massive influence on music. However, whether this influence is good or bad is essentially subjective, as there are both positive and negative things to be said.
Public access to the Internet has been around since the 1980s, but before that, there was the phonograph, record players, and CDs. These early technologies made it possible to listen to music in one’s own home, without a live band needing to be present. Since then, we have had cell phones and computers which have revolutionized the way we live (Hanson 14). The public now has more access to information than ever. “Once audiences began to find uses for [these] innovations… new opportunities for social change became possible” (Hanson 31).
The way people use technology defines, for every generation from now onward, what we know and how we know it (Hanson 31). “These forms of mass media and media content that delivered similar ideas to national audiences united the country and defined what it meant to be American” (Hanson 31). The more technology changes and the faster it changes, the more we need to think about how…
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