Essay about Should Public School Students be Given Birth Control Pills?

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The question regarding whether or not public schools must offer birth control methods to teenagers remains controversial. There are those who are for birth control being provided in public school and those who are against it. This paper will describe two issues that prove that contraception should indeed be provided within public schools. The first reason is that most Americans support the idea that public schools must provide birth control methods to students. This is according to results obtained from several opinion polls. The second reason for contraceptive being given to teenagers, will help them avoid many dangerous Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) associated with having unsafe sexual practices. Studies have shown an increase with…show more content…
Those who support this idea were girls (53%) and boys (47%); challengers were boys (11%) and girls (9%). All boys voted whereas 1% of the girls did not vote. The practice to provide contraceptives to students in public schools can therefore greatly reduce the danger of teenage pregnancies. Contraception helps to avoid cases where teenagers put themselves at risk to the many health dangers by unsafe sexual activities. Increasing number show that many of students are engaged in unsafe sexual activities can more than likely run the risk of contracting a STDs, this behavior affects both their studies and their lives. A 2000 GAO survey determined that, ‘More students were becoming sexually active, and it became apparent that there was an increasing need to bring reproductive health services to high school students in a way that addressed their very real problems’ (Dailard 6). Moreover, a December 2009 Indianapolis study involving 381 girls aged 14-17 indicated that about 50% contracted a minimum of one STD within 2 years of their first sexual adventure. This indicates that more and more American students are engaging in sexual activities. Contraceptive should be provided to such students in order to satisfy their personal health requirements. This discovery further supports the idea that contraceptives should be provided in public schools to deal with the situation where numerous

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