Should Public School System Be Mandatory Uniform Policy?

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School Uniforms
Sarah Chaudhry
SOC 1020-090
University of Utah
Fall 2015

Unfortunately, public school has become less about education and more about being fashion forward. As a society, there is definitely a higher tendency for people to judge a person’s entire personality solely on what and how they are dressed. The desire to have the latest trending clothes is in far greater demand than to have the highest grades. As a result many issues such as vandalism, bullying, sexual harassment, and even death have emerged into the public school system. Large numbers of students meet fail to abide by the dress code requirements while others requirements blatantly ignore school dress code policy As a result of this, multiple issues such as vandalism, sexual harassment, gangs, and bullying have been engulfed in the public school system. For this reason, I think that all public school systems should mandate a uniform policy because it helps lesson violence, allow students to experience a healthier learning atmosphere, and meet school regulations.
Main Body: One of the reasons why parents are mandated to take their children to school is so that the future of this country will be educated and better equipped to handle the challenges they will face in life, furthermore this can only be accomplished if the students have a safe environment to concentrate on their studies. Students cannot be constantly worrying about their own safety, because they will not be able to
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