Should Public Schools Require Uniforms? Essay

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When I was a child attending elementary school all of my friends loved the way I dressed, but there was also other children that attended school with me that seemed inferior to me simply because of how I dressed. Usually the children that praised the way I dress always wore nice clothes themselves, while the others who didn’t dress ad nice would try to pick fights or make fun of children that did dress nice. Later on in my life as I approached high school the tables turned; the teenagers who dressed nice became the ones who picked on other students in school because of the low quality clothes certain students wore in school, this would result in student violence. My stance on student uniforms is that I believe every public school in the…show more content…
It’s a fact that 3 million students in the U.S fall victim to crimes in schools ( ), and some of the related violence is influenced from how different students dress. Without school uniforms violence can inflict in many ways, including wearing gang related colors in school that can cause major security issues in public schools around the U.S. School uniforms reduce violence such as gang conflicts in public schools also, (Wilson 1994) “Some educators say the uniforms combat peer pressure and rivalries, reduce clothing costs and reduces the chance of fights brought about by trendy clothes and gang colors.”(Pg.18A). the author makes a great point using selective statistics from certain schools in the U.S that clearly shows that gang activity have decreased tremendously. (Market Wire 2006) , “According to the NSBA survey, 64% of those surveyed saw a decline in discipline referrals with a school uniform program and more than half of those surveyed in the Charter School Uniform Survey have seen a decline in discipline referrals in their school.” The article states facts on why uniforms work in our public school system. Utilizing the school uniforms policy in our public school system will help reduce violence not only in a positive manner but, reduce many types of violence that occur in our public schools. School uniforms can prevent plenty of gang activities that go on in
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