Should Public Smoking Be A Smoke Free Campus?

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This source is published by the University of Illinois; it is the frequently asked question page. It was published this summer, therefore, I have recent information to back up my points. This source will be useful for my research question because it addresses topics about how campuses are continuing to eliminate smokers on campus, one way they eliminate it is by enforcing policies, however, if the polies are not followed there is a fined. In addition, it talks about why campuses are going smoke free, so this will be a great source to refer to when I address why I believe George Mason University should be a smoke free campus. Mostly importantly, the question if secondhand smoking is much of a problem is addressed. Many believe it is not a problem, therefore, when I talk about how it is a major problem I will refer to this site to get information to prove my point. Stansbury, Taryn. "No More Smoking on Campus?" Fox Business. FOX News, 15 Feb. 2013. Web. 24 Oct. 2015. This is a news article published by Fox Business. This article talks about how college campuses around the world are becoming smoke free. SO far, according to the article, over 1000 colleges have imposed smoke-free polices. This article is a great source for my research because it talks about the effect, smoke free polices, have had on college campuses. In addition, this articles contains opposing view on smoke free campuses.
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