Should Puerto Rico Become America´s 51st State? Essay

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I. Introduction
a. Should Puerto Rico become Americas 51st state?
b. Many politicians have different views on what Puerto Rico should do. Should the island become a State, stay a Commonwealth, or become independent. Either way, it would benefit the island.
II. Body
a. Should Puerto Rico become a state?
i. How would it benefit the government? ii. How would it benefit the economy?
b. Is Puerto Rico better off as a commonwealth?
i. How would staying a commonwealth benefit Puerto Rico? ii. How does Puerto Rico benefit from the U.S.? iii. Who does Puerto Rico partner with?
c. Is Puerto Rico strong enough to be independent
i. How did the Americanization of Hawaii effect he island & how will it effect Puerto Rico ii. How
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Puerto Rico would get 2 senate seats, 5 in house reps & Puerto Ricans would be able to vote for the president. Puerto Rico would have lots of economic growth. Puerto Ricans businesses don’t pay corporate taxes. So the U.S would benefit & P.R. Puerto Rico has a debt of over 70 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money for a little island. So if Puerto Rico became a state It would slowly go away because it would be getting a extra 20 billion dollars. Puerto Rico’s economy isn’t growing because businesses don’t want to open up on the island. The reason is Puerto Rico doesn’t know if it will stay a commonwealth, become a state, or become independent. So if Puerto Rico became a state, the economic growth would be huge. Right now Puerto Rico’s average salary is around 20,00 dollars a year. If Puerto Rico became a state that average might double. Even though Puerto Ricans would now have to pay full taxes, their salary would go up , that goes to the U.S. but eventually the money goes back to Puerto Rico. That whole system in the end benefits Puerto Rico. It benefits the U.S. also because the U.S. gets a extra 2 billion. That money would eventually pull the U.S out of their debt to (Should Puerto Rico become America’s 51st state?).
Is Puerto Rico Better Off As A Commonwealth? Puerto Rico might be better off staying a commonwealth because Puerto Rico doesn’t have to pay income taxes to the U.S.A.

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