Should Reading The Food Labels Be Necessary Before Buying And Consuming?

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Should reading the food labels be necessary before buying and consuming? During this paper, there will be some differences on two authors and their point of view on labeling.The first paragraph explains why Gary Hirshberg agrees that there needs to be labels on food and the importance of doing it. The second paragraph will state why John Davis is against it, and explains labeling is a bad for the people and for the economy. Gary Hirshberg (2013), Chairman of Stonyfield Farm, stated that GMOs are genetically modified organism that have been altered with other species that wouldn 't be found in nature. The U.S. Commerce Department and the U.S. Patent Office, both see this to be a new, unique organism, can be equivalent to a non-GMO products. FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) declared that GMOs can be modified to have the same amount of calories, carbohydrates, fiber, and protein, therefore they do not need a label to warning costumers (para. 3). GMOs were first discovered in 1996, and are very common now, most of our soy and corn produces are roughly 90% GMOs in all of US markets. USA is one of the few nations that don 't need to label on GMOs, 64 other countries need an approval label and have not risen food prices (para. 6). Hirshberg announced, as of right now its too early to see the impact that GMOs have on our generation, so no one can yet claim if this is a safe or harmful product to use (para. 7). Hirshberg firmly stated, One of the very first genetically

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