Should Recycling Be Mandatory Recycling?

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Over the years threatening environmental issues like global warming and are making countries all over the world put into consideration actions such as mandatory recycling in order to prevent disasters. The huge amount of garbage produced every day is fulfilling landfills quickly in the past few years, polluting and contributing to global warming. Recycling is considered a small solution for a big problem as global warming but also can have a huge impact in our daily life. Besides protecting the environment, mandatory recycling should help reduce pollution, save energy and provide new job opportunities. Passing a law that makes permanent the practice of recycling in a country like the United States will promote recycling awareness, preventing a world covered in waste and pollution. Today, many of us might know what recycling is and how good it is for the environment. It helps to protect our world and has a positive impact in our way of leaving. Pollution is one of the most concerning problems in our society because of the huge amount of waste produced every day. Recycling is a simple and cheap solution with an enormous impact in the reduction of pollution, using as an example the incineration of materials such as aluminum that releases toxic gases into to the atmosphere. “The recycling of aluminum saves over 95% of the energy needed to produce aluminum from bauxite ore and results in substantially less pollution of air and water” (Hill, 1977). Not incinerating every single
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