Should Reforms Laws Makef It Harder for a Divorce? Essay

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In the old days, it was so hard to get a legal divorce even if couples were unhappy. Courts would not dissolve a marriage without proof of misconduct. Today marriage educators, domestic violence experts, social workers, law makers and scholars are trying various ways to resolve marriage crisis through counseling, while divorce rates are still climbing yearly. Making it harder to obtain a divorce can have devastating effects long term emotionally, financially and physically, and socially on the children and adults as well. Making it harder for a marriage to be dissolved can have a great impact on children in positive and negative ways. Although reforming the laws of divorce should not be a primary source for solutions, but reforming…show more content…
Divorce can have a minimal impact on society economically. Divorced women are more likely to work as a result of economic necessity, especially if there are children involved. Women have greater responsibility, after a divorced, because they are now the primary caregiver, in additional with child care cost as an added factor. Often time’s women and children of divorce become victims to government aid in assistance with government grants. Some of these grants include housing vouchers, medical insurance, transportation, and child care. After a breakup, household incomes drop as much as 15 percent, while higher poverty rates increase (Wolfinger, N, 2005). Although legislation proposals suggest marital classes approved by the department of human services, would aid in reconciliation of marriage. Everett contests, that forcing people to stay married promotes the possibility in domestic violence, money in counselling programs, while infringing freedom of one’s personal choice (Everett, 2014) During the Bush administration, $1.5 billion dollars would be spent to promote marriage through counseling. (Meyer, 2012) Everett continues to state “This is not a Communist government.” “Reforming laws of divorce, is equivalent to choice of freedom of religion, politics, and pro-choice” (Everett, 2014). Marriage is a personal and private choice, it is not government policy. Without addressing the political views the purpose to bring divorce under social

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