Should Religion Be Taught From The University Of The Incarnate Word

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With the University of the Incarnate Word being a religious school with a strong religious background it was really no surprise to me that I would have to take two religious classes. Taking Religious Quest right after taking a Philosophy class has been quite mind altering to say the least. Thinking about all the different aspects of the universe, and trying to figure out the truth is something that I don’t think we as humanity will ever know the answer to. This is where religion fits in for me. It’s not our job to figure it all out, if we live by faith and treat others as we expect to be treated I believe it will all work its way out in the end. Like I mentioned in my autobiography in week one, I was raised Methodist. It was actually me that got my parents into religion at all. We used to go to church for the big events like Easter and Christmas. I ended up finding out when I was about seven years old that my mother felt badly for never getting me baptized as a child. When I overheard her talking about it one day I said to her “so why don’t we just do it know?” She started to tear up a little but said “okay.” Once I was baptized our family as a whole went to church almost every Sunday from that point on. There was a huge transformation in both my mother and father. It was amazing and I’ve never regretted it for a moment. This experience is very important to me, and really helped set the stage for what religion means to me. For the service learning project I really wanted to…
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