Should Religion Be Taught In Public Schools

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Gage Pulliam, a secular student, walked into his Oklahoma high school nervous and afraid of the reactions he would get for confessing he had reported a plaque of the Ten Commandments hanging in his classroom to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. This is the feeling hundreds of students face across America every day. The United States was started with the belief of freedom of religion for all people, but this belief is stained by the ignorance and incompetence of the public school system all around the country.

Though the United States does offer freedom of religion, many people are confused on the effects this has on public schools.Over and over it has been found unconstitutional for schools to associate with any religion, this of course
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Being taught and being preached to are completely different things. While one encourages religion the other simply explains the way different religions work. Students should learn about all religions to avoid future discrimination without fully understanding what a religion is. " There are many parents and educators who consider first grade too early to teach about religion in school(Wertheimer)". Many students do not begin to learn about religion until the eighth grade, this can become an issue because by that age many students are reluctant to learning about something that is not familiar to them or may simply not be interested. We live in a country where every time we go to the store we see people of all cultures and religions. It is important for all people to understand different religions to insure each one is respected. There are also other occasions where people may be comfortable with their children being exposed to one religion but not another. For example when a school in Kansas had a presentation sponsored by a United Methodist Church very few parents had an issue with it."If that community had a Muslim group come in and wanted to do that type of presentation, they would have been up in arms(Boston)". In our country Christianity is the most popular religion and many other minority religions, such as Muslim, are extremely…show more content…
Students should be able their rights are being honored in the classroom just as they are outside of the classroom. It is important for parents and teachers to learn the importance of respecting in a school environment. Another change that should be added is the teaching of religion to children to open their mind to the different ways of life here in the United States. Students such as Gage Pulliam are still fighting the silent war against religion in school and need the help of people who are not afraid to fight against what people have viewed correct for hundreds of
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