Should SIngle Sex Schools be Allowed?

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Having single-sex schools is a practice that has been around the nineteenth century separating male and female students which practically aims towards secondary education and higher education. Many ideas of single-sex education are advocated on the basis of tradition. It is said that it helps students achieve more academically based on several educational researches, but should high schools be separated by a single sex? I mean single sex schooling is not a magic bullet like people make it out to seem, boom problem solved! No!! There are still problems that come through while in those schools and afterwards. I believe that high schools should not be separated by a single sex because single sex schools develops segregation between both sexes, it’s the main cause of homosexuality and it hinders socialization.
The action of setting something or someone apart from another object or person is defined as segregation. All humans have rights and are set to be equal. Gender equality of each person is being able to enjoy their human rights and their potential as individuals in economic, civil and public life. Where does all that gender equality go when others decided to place you in a single-sex school? That gender equality goes right into the ground, right into the hands of others. Separation of both genders into different schools is considered unconstitutional therefore it is argued that doing such a thing isolates girls from boy, violating…

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