Should Same Sex Couples Be Legal?

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Homosexual Parents Through the years homosexual people have made great improvements in society. Laws are changing and homosexuals are getting recognition for their choices. With the new laws and improvements come criticism. No matter what the topic is there is always going to be two sides, positive and negative. The creation of the LGBTQ community has brought awareness for those who are a part of the community and helped society be more comfortable with the changes brought on by the community. With marriage between same sex couples becoming legal in more and more states, couples are trying to adopt or using other alternatives to having children of their own. Though that does not mean that same sex couples did not have children before they were legally allowed to be married. There is criticism about whether or not same sex couples should be parents and both sides have quite the following and are ambivalent in their opinions. There are different ways for same sex couples to have children. The first is to adopt a child. There are two general types of adoption: a closed adoption, where there is no contact with between the birth family and the adoptive family, and an open adoption, where there is some association between the birth family and adoptive family. There are other types of adoption that are more specific to what a person wants such as international adoption, infant adoption and adopting a foster child (Types of Adoptions). The process of adopting for same sex couples
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