Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legal?

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Alia Thompson
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June 10, 2015 US History: Definition of a “Real Marriage”
Can the US government define a marriage in 2015? In the United States, marriage is defined as “a formal union between a man and woman” [New York Times]. It is estimated that 229 million people currently are legally married in United States [Freedom to Marry]. But at the same time only thirty-six states including the District of Columbia is where same sex marriage is legal [Freedom to Marry]. Recent controversy about same sex marriage has become a forefront for young political activists who are trying to challenge the government whether or not it has legal justification to define whom one can and can’t marry based on the 14th amendment.
This year, the Supreme Court will now have decide once again how to define marriage in the 21st century. This issue is not new to the United States Supreme Court, as the forty-eight years ago they unanimously ruled that the Virginia 's anti-miscegenation laws were unconstitutional. Therefore the 1883 Pace v. Alabama case was overturned [Ryan, Joe]. This allowed Mildred Delores Loving and Richard Perry Loving, the plaintiffs in the landmark United States Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia, to legally live as an interracial couple in the state of Virginia. The case of Loving v. Virginia was not only a major turning point of the Civil Rights Movement, but an imperative step toward equitable treatment for all Americans. The Supreme Court not

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